The sports

The sports cell in the Shaildevi Mahavidyalaya is committed to provide a healthy sporting culture in the college. It helps to learn teamwork at work place coordination and cooperation among diverse cultural and ethnic groups. It mainly infuses discipline and promote the value system in individuals. Students also learn the value of time, coordination and competitiveness along with communication, mutual respect and teamwork. In the current scenario sports is not only beneficial for physical and mental health; and it is not only played for the purpose of entertainment. It has become a strong career prospects for the aspirants. It provides various opportunities to build excellent career in the field of games and sports. Lots of job opportunities are available in various sectors, importantly in armed forces, where physical fitness is the basic criteria to qualify. Other than armed forces physical fitness become important for various jobs in government sectors.

The sports cell is dedicated towards the betterment of sports and players. Excellent sports facilities are provided to the students along with professional trainer and coaches. College motivates and facilitates students to participate and perform well in various tournaments. the college promotes students perform excellent in sports at the university level; they are facilitated to participate at the State, National and International level. The most important learning from the sports is “to not only go for win or lose”. It teaches to enjoy the process and participation; regardless of success or failure. It also prepare students to accept defeat gracefully and celebrate the win with humbleness. In totality our sports culture is aiming to produce, Physically and Mentally fit youth, who are fully prepared for the future challenges and opportunities as well.